Golf Courses

The quality of golf often depends on the quality of turf it’s played on. A course’s grass conditions and type can affect your golf game, just as much as your club selection can.

While some grasses can be used on almost any course, some of the more popular varieties of grass sod for golf courses are Zoysia grass, Bermuda and Bluegrass.  Variations of Bermuda grass seem to be the most popular in the southern region, due primarily to its ability to respond well to the heat.  It also is drought resistant, fine textured, fast repairing, comes in a variety of color variations and can withstand moderate to high weat and tear, which are all critical to the success of golf courses. 

Over the last thirteen years, Inman Sod has become a trusted resource and leading supplier in the golf course turfgrass industry. Golf professionals from all over the country look to us for advice and quality products and services to ensure the sustainability of their beautiful and healthy greens. 


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